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Formulate Evolutionary Backwall Straight
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A system that evolves! All you have to do is add elements to 2 m widewalls to achieve a wider system (up to 9 m). If you have one system, you can evolve it at any time, and use it again at another location without the need to order the whole a new wall.

  • Tubular aluminium structure Ø30mm
  • Fabric graphic with zip system
  • Customisable with double-sided print
  • Simple installation with coding system
  • Ability to accessorise

Note: Option available only for Straight and Vertical Curved Formulate Evolutionary Backwalls. The extensions are not compatible with the Formulate Backwalls from the standard offer.

Hardware Dimensions (mm):

2410 x 2070 x 450
2410 x 1070 x 450

Reklaamtoode OÜ Phone +372 666 1303
E-mail: info (at) reklaamtoode.ee
IBAN: EE942200221040979792, SWIFT: HABAEE2X
VAT nr. EE101220679
Trade register code 11485058
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